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News №5



Website structure reorganization and new design

There was a reorganization of the structure of the site and subsites.
A new main index page has been made, and Nokia Business Phones is now on par with the two existing subsites.

A new design of the main page, redesign of news and guest book (due to their transfer from NBP) is presented. Minor bug fixes in site code and PHP scripts. The latter also rewrote the code for working with MySQL to prevent possible SQL injections. On subsites (except for the same NBP) a small navigation menu has been made to navigate through all subsites and services.

Now I'm thinking of opening a library that will store my articles (mainly for the Downgrade magazine), and maybe some other notes, not only on the subject of old hardware.

Well, I also added to Net Monitor (DCT3) photos of test screens from the 33хх series, as well as photos of 9210(i) screens and descriptions for them, which I managed to find or find out myself.

Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3

04 July 2023 year, 17:05:36 CEST





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