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News system launched!

The simplest website news system has been launched. Made, I must say, very simply and dumb, even without database, but to be honest, I don't need more. The main thing is that it works!
Well, the site slowly continues its filling and development. There's still a lot to be done...

The main task is to complete descriptions of Net Monitor for DCT3 and DCT4 (6310i) and their Russian version. Translate also MBUS/FBUS protocol descriptions, atrox articles about cables. Also need to organize a JAVA-applications section (so far it is only in the WAP-version) And also organize a section with firmware (much later).

Alas, studies still take a lot of free time, so the development of the site will go at a very slow pace, what to do. Oh yes, probably still need to make comments to the news (and make a captcha). In the meantime, those who wish can leave their wishes according to the contacts given on main page.

26 October 2022 year, 01:54:21 CEST





#2 || Left by: [ADMIN] Bs()Dd || Date: 04 December 2022 year, 15:28:49 CET

Кстати, теперь новостная система работает с использование базы данных (MySQL), вместо файла))0)
Уже почти готова гостевая, осталась пара штрихов!
By the way, now the news system works using a database (MySQL), instead of a file))0)
The guest book is almost ready, just a couple of finishing touches left!

#1 || Left by: [ADMIN] Bs()Dd || Date: 04 December 2022 year, 15:11:28 CET

А вот и комментарии подъехали))00)
Правда пока без капчи (надеюсь никто не будет спамить, пока что)
And here are the comments arrived))00)
But, no captcha yet (I hope no one will spam, for now)

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